5 Rules to Meet your Customers by Call Answering

Attending customers by phone is essential. But with the economic crisis that invades us, it is increasingly difficult and expensive to serve and attract new customers. Therefore, the attention we offer to people who call us by phone to request information to buy a product or to make a query related to the service they have hired has become something fundamental to take care of. 

Since there are few calls, it is essential to know how to be effective in handling them to manage them optimally and to be able to convert them for sale or improve the degree of customer satisfaction with our company.

In another of my blog related to professional call answering service, I have submitted my proposal to attend the customer by phone from the cloud through the use of tools that can be outsourced to companies specialized in offering telecommunications services like Phone Answering Service 247

Today it is not necessary to make investments in telephone equipment or complex switchboards to be able to offer optimal customer service by telephone. We have numerous possibilities, both through the conventional (analogue) telephone network and through modern VoIP technologies. In both cases, we can have excellent call answering service for the calls we receive. Having an effective system to answer calls is as important as providing adequate attention. 

1. – Offer them an access channel that is convenient for them and if possible free

I often find many websites and virtual stores that only offer a form as a contact. They do not indicate any phone number to call or publish an email address. This, in addition to distrust, causes the client power not to contact us, which may end in an unrealized sale or an unsatisfied customer.

So it is vital to have a prominent contact phone number so they can call us. Depending on the type of business we can choose to offer an intelligent network number 902 or a local number linked to a given province (it does not have to coincide with the region where the company is based). It is also possible to answer by telephone through a toll free number 800 so that the call is entirely free for the caller like call answering services do.

I do not recommend attending by phone indicating a mobile phone number since we will be telling the client that we are such a small company that we have no physical headquarters from which to serve you. There may be a mobile phone but for emergencies outside business hours, but NEVER as the company’s headphone.

2. – Attend immediately

Sometimes the phone is allowed to ring several times before answering. However, it is convenient to pick up as soon as possible. If the customer had any doubt when calling and we do not respond before the third tone, they will most likely abandon the call and perhaps their desire to buy. This implies not having long welcome phrases before being attended. A brief presentation of the company is exceptional so that the caller has confirmation that he has called correctly who wanted but avoids a presentation that lasts a long time or the music on hold.

3. – Courtesy and respect

Most likely, we don’t know the interlocutor, so it is essential to respond politely and to deal with you. If later the relationship becomes more fluid or personal, you can opt for closer communication formulas and move on to «tuteo». Attending to an unknown person by phone can be vital to capture him as a client. 

If that first contact creates distrust because we do not treat with respect and courtesy, we will have lost a client. Nobody likes to be mistreated, especially when what you are going to do is buy something. Do you remember the Pretty Woman scene when Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts shopping? It is a good lesson to know how to serve a customer. Hiring a call answering service will give you this advantage, they have well trained agents to handle call professionally & ethically.

4. – Calls on hold

When we have a promotional campaign and receive a large number of simultaneous calls, our customer service may collapse because we do not have enough agents available. In this case, if someone calls and all operators are busy, the call will remain in the queue. Beware of this! The waiting lines, the devil carries them. It is best to have a Call me Back solution that allows the user to decide if they want to remain in the queue or prefer that we call them. 

In this way, the call is not lost, and the customer will be satisfied with his first interaction with the company. The Call me Back function we offer in all our solutions of Virtual Switchboard on Smart Network.

5. – Return calls or send as promised

If you have reached an agreement with the caller, faithfully comply with the deal. If you have told him that you have to consult something or verify information, do it. The call does not end unless the phone is hung up, but when the demand or the incident reported is resolved. 

Failure to comply with what you have said implies that the client will lose credibility in the company and therefore abandon his desire to buy or search the competition. Therefore, keep what you promise and only promise what you can keep.

You can hire an agent to handle call in office but that will come with lot of responsibly, you need to spend time to train him, the cost will be high, even when you don’t have much call, you still have to pay him for full day. Only available in business hours.

What is the alternate?? Outsource your work to professional call answering service, benefits are the cost will be lower: only pay for the number of calls you get. You will get a free trial for the whole week. Your calls will be handled by well-trained agents. Service will be available 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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