5 Tips on Being Better Rested at the Workplace

Swapping out your antiquated mindsets and work habits can allow you to be more restful and effective in your work.  This is the best way to stay healthy and gain the respect and admiration of your employers.

Rested Workplace Tips

  1. Charge the Phone Outside your Room

Your cell phone is not only a portal the biggest distractions in your life, it has this little light that can affect your sleep cycles. Any amount of light can traverse your eyelids and signal the hypothalamus that it’s wake up time. This robs you of the deepest slow wave sleep phase where all your rest comes in.

  1. Only read books in bed – like with pages and printed words.

The only reading material allowed in the bed is made of paper and ink – and not related to anything you’re doing at work. Those eBooks are just not the same thing. Plus, the lights with which the bombard your iris affects the melatonin production of the body and thus reduce the quality of your sleep cycles. Improve the quality of your sleep by lowering the lights to a comfy setting for at least an hour, lie down in you costco mattresses and chill out, before you actually fall asleep.

  1. Start the Day Clear and Serene

Each morning is a whole new start a perfectly unblemished day, only you can drag the negativity and stress from last week, month year to the present – So, choose not to. Hotels and wellness spas offer a unique experience which you can rightfully give yourself. It’s a sprawling dangerous setting with high-quality foods and nutrition, but best of all, the morning repast is enjoyed in utter silence. While the notion is hardly thrilling, thrilling is the last thing you need in the morning. You need calm, serenity and peace of mind that allows you to gather your inner strength for a day in the trenches.

  1. Do yoga or meditate

Looking for another way to clear the head and rise above the demands of your life, take a quick escape through meditation. Whether you begin alone or in guided retreat, medication can give you a chance to escape the demands of life and even put all concern, worry and trouble out of your mind. This will give you better control of your metal resources and focus when it comes time to apply yourself to your work.


Starting with a yoga session is the best way to go about it as yoga stretches the muscles still tight from a good night’s sleep. Yoga also allows you to focus your mind on your breathing and this is the best precursor to a successful and relaxing meditation session. This is also a good idea for keeping your wits about you for the rest of the day as well. Rather than grabbing a Snickers bar or having a smoke, step out of the office and take a trip around the block. Catching your mind before it succumbs to its impulses applies an invaluable discipline to your thought processes and makes you a formidable in thought and action.

  1. Schedule monthly mental health days (and truly log off!).

We are important people and the tasks we perform vital to the operations of the company, so, vital that it is essential to keep our mental faculties sharp with a regular day off. Your company is not going to fall apart if you leave for a good ten hours each month. Just choose a day that will be ok for you to take a break. Your brain and body needs that personal time that allows you to recover inspiration and creativity, without which your professional life can suffer.


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