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Promotional Products

Giving different promotional products is an incredible method to keep your product name in front of your potential customers. This article will elaborate in detail the best tips to choose leading promotional items UK and different personalized giveaways. Try to act upon this advice to choose the best UK corporate gifts.

Promotional products offer remarkable value to the advertiser and recipient as well. According to a survey of the Advertising Specialty Institute, almost one-third of recipients showed their interest to do business with advertisers after receiving different promotional items.

Promotional items are one of the most impressive ways to convey the message of your company. If you want to achieve the maximum impact, you will have to choose the right product for the right person. If you choose products without any marketing strategy, they may have a negative impact on your business.

Here are some most important tips for choosing the best promo products for the right impression and to make your business shine.

Know Who You Are

It is important to have a clear image of the values of your companies, what you present and the message of your brand. Moreover, what type of image you want to present must be clear. So you should build your marketing strategies accordingly.

Now ask yourself if you have chosen the right product for your brand. For example, if you have some kind of educational business, a beach towel may not be an appropriate selection. However, the clipboard folder may be a better choice. It seems quite obvious, but you know your customers better.

Furthermore, you can distribute one sort of promotional products for your existing customer and the other one of the potential customers. Both convey different messages, one for the reminder and the other one for the invitation.

Be Unique

Businesses most often use generic items as promotional products, but in the end, they are forgettable. You should choose a unique and incredible item to covey your brand message in which customers really feel appreciated and remember your brand.

SMM - Attraction Marketing

You can find numerous leading promotional items UK. For example, you can use notepad, promotional pens and writing instruments as promotional products. A promotional product should be a memorable keepsake.

Try to go against your competitors in personalized giveaways but never ever forget to represent your company creatively and appropriately. If your competitors use cellphone holders, think of any other impressive things for your company.

Consider Location

Location does matter to choose promo products. If you are distributing these products at a company picnic, you have more options to choose promotional items such as a t-shirt and Lanyard having your brand logo. For such events, you can have different varieties of promo items that should be really representative of your company.

What to Give Away?

Almost anything can be used as promotional items. However, you should carefully choose the appropriate items. Keep in mind, giveaways are the most effective part of your marketing strategies. If you are spending a good amount for it, pick a product that should be impressive, truly brand representative and unforgettable.

Choose a product that should be usable in daily life, reliable and lasting. Here are some suitable and leading promotional items UK.

  • Pens and other writing instruments.
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Outdoor and Leisure items such as umbrella and camping products
  • Apparel (Outerwear, t-shirts, hats, etc.)
  • Calendars
  • Water bottles

Other 5 Best Tips to Use and Choose Promotional Products

Here are the leading tips to choose leading promotional items:

Logo or No-Go?

Most people consider that all promotional items must contain a company logo on them. What do you think? Yes? Because all promotional items are for advertising so they must contain a logo. Right?  It is not always the case.

Sometimes personalizing the promo item just for your client makes more sense. If you put the name of your customers on a ballpoint pen, reusable shopping bag or any other item, they will literally use that. They will tell others as well where they got it!

So overall, you should add a small company logo on the promo item. However, make sure that the personal identification of customers is prominent. It will make your brand unforgettable for the customers.

Clothing Caution

You really like your company and want your logo on every promo product. However, you should be really careful while using a logo on the clothing such t-shirt and hats. If you are a giant brand, you can use your logo such as Nike. Otherwise, you should use a catchy original slogan along with your logo.

If you use a slogan, you can grab more people’s attraction. For example, “Where’s the Beef” (Wendy’s) or “We Try Harder” (Avis).

Select Long life Items for promotional products

It is really important to select long-lasting items as promotional items. For example, you should go for a holder instead of sticky notes or notepad. It’s because a customer can use the holder repeatedly.

It is important to note one exception! It is food! Although it has a short life, you can give and you should use food as a promotional gift because it is one of the leading promotional items UK.

Environmental Targeting

You should also consider this factor before choosing a promo item. Environmental targeting means you should choose an item for the promotion that can be used in the environment related to your services.

For example, if you have an online business, you can give a flash derive or mouse pad. So when customers want to buy something online, by looking at your promo item they will think about your business once.

The choice is King!

If you want to distribute promo items in the company picnic, you should give open choice to your customers. It means let them select a promo product of their own choice. For example, if someone who wants a cup will actually use it. So the item of the customer’s own choice will be unforgettable for them.


As you can see, promotional items are highly valuable tools for customers so you should choose them wisely. You can achieve maximum goals by choosing leading promotional items UK with the best marketing strategy.

Overall, you need an outstanding strategy, a good understanding of your customers and brand. Moreover, a unique selling position and the most effective and suitable promotional products can easily uplift your business.

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