5 Rules to Meet your Customers by Call Answering

How to lower your costs with a professional call answering service!
Attending customers by phone is essential. But with the economic crisis that invades us, it is increasingly difficult and expensive to serve and attract new customers. Therefore, the attention we offer to people who call us by phone to request information to buy a product or to make a query related to the service they have hired has become something fundamental to take care of.  Since there are few calls, it is essential to know how to be effective in handling them to manage them op...

5 Tips on Being Better Rested at the Workplace

workplace rest
Swapping out your antiquated mindsets and work habits can allow you to be more restful and effective in your work.  This is the best way to stay healthy and gain the respect and admiration of your employers. Charge the Phone Outside your Room Your cell phone is not only a portal the biggest distractions in your life, it has this little light that can affect your sleep cycles. Any amount of light can traverse your eyelids and signal the hypothalamus that it’s wake up time. This robs...