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Craigslist Lead Generation

Craigslist is top ads posting website of US and Canada. It is best source for lead generation for all scale businesses. Whether you are a local business or digital agency or an ecommerce store, You can generate leads through craigslist ad posting. Having Said that, craigslist is becoming tough now. Their motive is to maintain high quality and stop spamming.

Craigslist filters were not strict since 2012.Everyone was posting only a few ads to generate leads but then few people tried to beat their competition by over posting their ads. That is when craigslist decided to update its filters. They updated their filters and started removing ads from public search. They named it Craigslist Ghosting. But because this was up gradation of system it hurt so many real businesses and they started to think of overcoming these issues. Now craigslist is a huge marketplace and it is the 9th most visited website in the United States.

Few years ago nobody thought craigslist will become such a big market place and posting huge quantity ads don’t generate leads. It is really becoming tough to make ads stick on craigslist now. If you want to use craigslist for lead generation then don’t focus on quantity focus on quality too.

Many people use automated software’s and they ask others Why Use Craigslist Ad Posting Service to generate leads when you can post for free. My Question to all of them is software can post huge quantity that’s true but if you start facing flagged issue or your ip get blocked what software do? It will stop your postings if ip is blocked. But if ads start getting flagged software wouldn’t know and at the end of the day you’ll be nowhere.

Craigslist Ad Posting Services like Outsource 2 Freelancers make sure your ads stay live and they don’t do hard work only they do smart work too. For Example if you are a Real Estate Broker in Florida and You need 1000s of ads per day but you are still not getting enough leads as compared to your competitor who is posting only 250 ads a day then it means you are doing something wrong. Let me tell you what you need to do. Search total volume of postings in your area in last 1 week. Then sort out those properties according to prices. Like how many rental units between $800-$1000 are advertised in week and how many units are advertised between $1000-$1500 and so on. Now check your all ads. How many ads you are posting in those prices.

If competition is posting 100 ads daily of prices between $800-$1000 then advertise 20-25 ads of prices between them if ads of $1000-$1500 are posted 500 times then post 100-150 ads at least to beat competition. Now if you are small businessmen and have budget to advertise only 10-20 ads daily then you can still grab some customers. Simply post ads in the morning then in after noon then in evening and you’ll get good leads.

Many craigslist ad posting service providers don’t post ads after 3-5 pm but 5 pm is best time for lead generation for every business. We at help our clients in generating leads for them by posting ads in those timings when they can get good calls. We also help our customers by posting ads on craigslist with gap of time to make sure if client is posting 20 ads daily his ads stay on first page for at least 5-6 hours.

Craigslist is better source of lead generation than search engine optimization because it generates instant leads. Many will disagree with my opinion but I guarantee if you post ads in proper manner with proper strategy you will get the maximum out of craigslist. Don’t Trust my words? Try yourself. I can help you in making a complete strategy for totally free.

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Ahmed Umair is a Professional Craigslist Ad Poster. He has more then 8 years experience. If you are having trouble posting live ads on craigslist feel free to visit my blog for Tips & Tricks of posting live ads

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