How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Ebay Listings

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites for a reason – it provides a great place to keep in touch with your friends and to keep track of the latest news. If you aren’t careful, it can easily wind up eating up all of your time, keeping you from focusing on your business. When used correctly, however, it can be a powerful tool for promoting your eBay listings.

Before you jump in and start posting all of your listings to Facebook, however, you should take a step back and come up with a plan. If you start bombarding your followers with too many posts, they may unfollow you. In extreme cases, they may even unfriend you.

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To boost traffic to your eBay listings without losing any Facebook followers in the process, try using these tips:

Easily Share Your Listings With The Facebook Widget

Ebay has recently added icons for all of the major social networks on every listing page, making it easier than ever to share your listings. When you list a new item, you can click on the Facebook button in the social media widget to instantly share it with your followers. Be careful, however. If you use this feature too often, you may wind up alienating your Facebook friends and fans by overwhelming them with too many listings. To avoid going overboard, only share your best listings.

Remember, your friends don’t follow you just to see what you are selling on eBay. Try to limit your sharing to items that are particularly interesting or that have a fascinating story behind them. For example, if you are selling an old family heirloom, you can share your listing and the story behind the items with your followers. Check this tool out to integrate your eBay store.

These types of posts are far more entertaining for your followers than seeing a generic item that you are selling that doesn’t have any type of backstory. Ask yourself whether or not your friends would really be interested in seeing the item before sharing it on Facebook.

Buy Or Sell Items Through Facebook Groups

On Facebook, you can find groups of people in your local area who are interested in buying or selling products.

Selling through these groups is slightly safer than selling on Craigslist, simply because they are moderated. People who don’t follow the rules get kicked out of the group.

Additionally, because people sign up for the group using their Facebook profile, you can see what they look like before you meet them in person. Still, it goes without saying that you should use common sense when setting up a meeting. Always choose a public setting where there are a lot of people around. Never meet someone at your home or in an isolated area.

Facebook groups can be particularly beneficial for selling large or bulky items. For instance, if you are selling used furniture, large musical instruments, old bikes, or anything else that may be too difficult to ship, consider using the local pickup option on eBay. Then, all that you have to do is promote your eBay listing through one of these Facebook groups.

If you want, you can even try selling the item directly through the Facebook group, bypassing eBay altogether. If you manage to find a buyer in the group, you can avoid having to pay eBay fees. This can help you earn a higher profit on the item. Even better, if you get paid in cash, you won’t have to worry about PayPal fees, either.

Market Your eBay Listings Through A Facebook Business Page

Instead of promoting your listings through your personal page, why not set up a business page on Facebook? Although it can take a little bit of time to build up a following, it is a great way to share your eBay listings without alienating your friends. Setting up a business page on Facebook couldn’t be easier. Here are some steps that you will need to take:

  • Choose the type of business page that you want. For instance, do you want to appear as a local business, an organization, or a brand?
  • Write a description of your business, providing information on the types of products that you sell.
  • Add a customized header banner and profile photo to help brand your page.
  • Let your visitors know exactly what steps you want them to take by providing a clear call to action.
  •  Get the word out about your new business page. Notify your friends, send out a message to people on your mailing list, and send messages to customers who have purchased from you in the past.

If you want, you can even promote your business page through Facebook ads. Facebook’s advertising program allows you to laser-target your ads based on people’s hobbies, age, and other interests. For instance, if you sell hockey sticks, you can target your ads so that they are only shown to people who have expressed an interest in playing hockey in the past.

Using Facebook to promote your eBay listings can be a good way to generate traffic. The key to success is to avoid bombarding your friends or followers with too many posts. As long as you don’t go overboard, however, you should be able to generate more traffic for your eBay listings, which could result in an increase in profits, as well.


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