REAL Work From Home Jobs

Real work from home jobs

Long gone are the days when you were busy scanning the Sunday Classifieds to get some info about jobs that you can do from home and get rich quick. Now is the time when there are countless opportunities for you to work from home. There are thousands of job advertisements present online and the freelancing world has just taken the world by storm. But as the job opportunities start to grow, so do the scams. However, there are lots of people who try to beat the odds and earn a healthy income by working from home.


There are different people who are interested to work from home and can’t get out to work in a traditional office. Primarily, they include:

  • Students, who lack resources or belong to a middle or low- wage family and want to earn a living by working part-time.
  • Housewives, who have to work at home and assist their husband in getting some income for the home.
  • Retirees that need some more amount to handle expenses.
  • The disabled.
  • Parents who want to spend more time with their children.

There are different employers who are of the view that it is better to have workers who work from home. Telecommuting tends to be a preferable arrangement for the employers because it helps them to reduce the costs and enables them to access the talented individuals from around the world.

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Real work from home options

Different job opportunities that are available to you while you work from home are mentioned as follows:

1.      Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant (AKA, VA) is a job that needs potential and know-how of certain things. Basically, the description of this job states that you can offer your services to the clients, in which you specialize. The number of virtual assistants in different organizations keeps on increasing. Companies hire virtual assistants when they can’t justify a permanent employee.

2.      Medical Transcriptionist

This is a really tough job and requires the employee to work carefully and quickly. Basically, a medical transcriptionist, as the name implies, listens to the transcription of a doctor and writes it up. The doctors may have a thick accent and the y may even be speaking while drinking or eating anything. The medical transcriptionist has to deal with all these problems and note down the exact words that the doctor dictated. The job is really interesting when you are hearing to the medical matters. However, understanding the words and simultaneously writing them or typing them down is a tough job that needs pure skill and quality.

Depending upon their hefty tasks, they receive a heavy income too, ranging to an average of $17.17 per hour. (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2015 data)

3.      Translator jobs

Multilingual people are never going to be jobless. There are always jobs that require people who are able to translate written documents or audio files from one language to another. Now, this is not a simple task. Google translate or other digital apps can never reach that level of perfection that a human with efficient translation skills can. Thus, you have to keep the cultural differences in mind and then translate. Different companies want to access the home based translators that have the skills of translating a difficult language while not being hindered because of their geographical location.

The employment rate of interpreters and translators is expected to increase by 29% over the decade 2014 – 2024 which is greater and faster than the average of all other occupations. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook 2012 – 2013.)

The annual wage of translators as of 2014 comes out to be $43,590 on average. Moreover, on average they receive $20.96 per hour. (Bureau of Labor Statistics).


4.      Web Designer / Web Developer

This is the field which is currently hiring the most number of employees working from home. Different services like custom website design, modification and redesigning of template and updates on codes. Moreover, reviews on usability and hosting are such services that are highly in demand and the web developers or web designers are the perfect options to choose for this job.

Former CEO of, Gary Swart has rightly said,

“Out of the many new monthly work- from- home project postings on, the web developers are in a high demand.”

This shows that there is an ample amount of options for the freelancers to go and find work that can pay off hundreds of dollars per day. But yes, the quality and skill matters a lot and is the first pre- requisite to get paid that much.

5.      Call center representative

Long gone are the days of a full fledge call center having hundreds of cubicles for assisting the customers of a big office, informing them about their orders or providing them with some other information. Now- a- days, even a call center is digitalized. The next person talking to you may be sitting in his home office. The digital call center is a growing and huge industry. This way, the local companies can even hire offshore workers which is a great element to help increase the diversity.

6.      Tech Support Specialist

There are many call centers who need tech support specialists who can work remotely. This is also one of the best jobs that you can pursue at home. The computer support specialists are required at almost every organization and the jobs are expected to increase at a very fast rate in the next decade.

7.      Travel Agent

This is an excellent work to do at home. Guiding people about different tourist attractions and operating a travel agency based at your home is a really nice job. There has been a robust increase in the travel agents who are home- based and earn about $100,000 or even more in a year. (says Tom Ogg, founder of HomeBasedTravelAgent).

This is a job where you can guide others to make the most out of their holidays and enjoy a really good leisure time.

8.      Teaching

Students, in the modern era are more motivated to learn virtually. From postsecondary to elementary schools, students tend to learn by digital means fast and clearly. As the demand and popularity of distance learning increases, so do the job opportunities for tutors who teach online. The advanced technology, high-speed internet connection and multimedia collaborative software designed for students together combine to provide the students with an opportunity to work together from a long distance.

9.      Writing, editing

Writing and editing is a field that never gets old. These days and the days coming afterward, editing, proofreading and writing industry flourishes and the bloggers and freelance writers continue to pave their way through their skills for earning a healthy income at the end of the day from their bed.

10. Own a franchise

You can simply own a business and get the best at- home work. As a part of the initial investment, the franchises may need to provide a read-made business with a renowned brand, territory, and system. You should consider such businesses that aim above 50 people or the self- employed. Include online devices and electronics like apps and accessories.


Beware of scams

There are 5 times more scam jobs than real jobs present currently in the freelancer market. So, while going for any sort of home based job, the first thing that you need to ensure is the reliability of job provider. For this purpose, you should first check out the company structure, the terms and conditions of the company should be defined and there must be a proper setup.

  • A reputable company must be having some reviews so read about the reviews of different people about the company.
  • If you have seen an ad for a job and are replying specifically for it, then make sure that it contains the name of the company and a proper email address. While applying, the email response will also help you in identifying the level of the company. There should be a formal but not a general response. This should be observed whether the email addresses you specifically and is not just a general mail being sent to everybody out there.
  • There is also proper interview and application processing. If you have been hired very quick, then you should rather just think one more time and assure yourselves completely about the reliability of that job and company.
  • For answering the questions, some proper human resource personnel should be available.
  • The appointment letter must include the general information which is related to any job like the benefits or perks, vacation policy, other important terms and conditions.
  • The employer asks you for work samples or references.

REAL Work From Home Jobs Conclusion

No doubt, there is no shortage of jobs for freelancers now- a- days and everybody has started to think of earning from home. However, there are a lot of options that are scams and this is the reason why some people start to lose trust in online jobs and only follow the trivial office- job method.

Best Work From Home

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