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Discover the Many Work From Home Careers Available

A work from home career may seem like a dream to many because of the big benefits that are promised: flexible hours, extra income, and freedom of work. The trick, however, is finding a legitimate site because most of the site that offers home-based employment are scams.

To compile our list of legitimate best work-from-home careers, we researched the employment data to check the occupants with promising growth prospects and good hourly wages.

Work From Home Careers

We have also checked the reviews the companies have received to know whether these sites are genuine.

Having said that, we highly recommend performing your due diligence to determine your return on investment – time & effort for pay.  Some of these careers

While we can’t offer guarantees that you’ll get hired in any of these work from home companies, at least you can rest assured that you can make legit and real money by working on these sites.

Before narrowing down to the best work from home careers, let’s first analyze how one can succeed and make legitimate money opportunities.

Work From Home Careers

Tips for succeeding in Work From Home Careers

a) Take It Seriously

A majority of the people take their online career lightly and end up missing out on some golden opportunities. Just because you can work from home in your underwear doesn’t mean that an online career is not a “real job.” You must treat it the way you treat any other career. In fact, competition online is likely to be higher than it is in the actual physical job. Take your online career seriously, and you will reap its maximum benefits.

b) Give Some, But Not Your All

Whether you are providing a photography portfolio, writing samples, or links to your work, give them enough samples to have an idea, but not a bulk of them that they don’t even know where to start. When prompted to give your background information, don’t give them your life stories and problems.

c) Be Professional

When filling your information, don’t assume the caps like someone who has not gone to school. Also, do not type it in ALL CAPS. Communicate in complete sentences with proper grammar. Remember that the way you communicate with your buyers or students online is what portrays your character.

Having known that, let’s check the ideas you can focus on that can be transformed into profitable opportunities.

Working From Home Careers

Top 10 Work From Home Careers

1. Translator

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has revealed that most of the translators carry their work at home. Although, to be a certified translator you’ll need a bachelor’s degree, the most crucial requirements for translators is, of course, being fluent in at least two languages.

According to BLS, close to 20 percent of translators were freelance in 2013 with the majority being in scientific, professional, and technical services as well as healthcare and private educational field. The national average wage for freelance according to BLS was $42,420 in 2013, although the top earners clocked an average of $77,140.

You can look for translation jobs on sites such as Upwork .

2. Virtual Assistant

With virtually all business going online, the demand for virtual assistants is growing tremendously as business are looking for someone who can help them keep their websites and blogs organized. The International Virtual Assistant Association define virtual assistants as independent contractors who support multiple business and clients in different industries by providing creative, technical, and administrative services.

They normally work from remote locations, usually their office or home. Although these jobs can vary, tasks covered by virtual assistants include creating and distributing business documents, composing and replying to emails, creating and rewriting content, responding to business and media inquiries, and more.

Virtual assistants earn an average hourly wage of $20.96 with this translating to $43,590 a month. This is according to research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014.

You can check the virtual assistant jobs on sites such as Zirtual  and Upwork.

3. Social Media Manager

Virtually every business has created accounts with several social media bandwagon so that they can interact with their customers on a much personal way. Besides, social media advertisements have a greater audience and are relatively cheaper as compared to televised or printed ads.

However, not every business on various social media platforms has someone to manage their accounts, which is why there has been an increase in the number of individuals advertising themselves as social media accounts managers. You can advertise yourself as a person who can help a business grow and establish a significant online presence and expand their reach.

Although there is very little data available for this work from home job because of it being a new field, one can find a lot of listings for social media managers on sites such as SimplyHired, Upwork, and CareerBuilder .

If you have a sizeable following and command of social media, you can reach out to companies by asking if they need your services.

Work Home Careers

4. Survey Taker

This is another work from home career that you can give a try. Although a little bit flooded due to the easiness with which many can conduct the surveys, you can give it a trial and still earn reasonable money.

You answer questions about certain products, or test certain services. Also, you can take an opinion poll. Payments are normally made via mailed check or PayPal. You can also get paid using points that you can redeem for gift cards.

To get survey jobs, visits sites such as PaidViewpoint , DarwinsData, and PineconeResearch. Sign up with as many sites as you can and fill your details as you find fit. The sites will contact you once a survey that fits your details pops up.

Tip: Avoid registering sites that ask for a membership fee, your bank information, Social Security number, or a site that is vague about payment and payment method.

5. Website Evaluators

Web testers are paid to check whether a certain website is working fine. You can be hired to examine different search terms, test the accuracy of search results, and website interface. You’ll need a fast internet connection and a computer. Most of the times, applicants must pass a test with companies that hire web testers and evaluators before hiring them as the job needs a lot of analytical thinking.

Work From Home Careers

Generally, web testers and evaluators choose their working hours. All you’ll need to do is to follow the guidelines provided. Testing a site normally takes less than 15 minutes. You can register with many different companies since the opportunities for testing are normally given in terms of first come, first served. Begin with sites like YouEye, Userlytics, and UserTesting. You’ll receive an email notifying you of any job that pops up. If you are first to respond, you are given that opportunity. Some of the sites might require you to have a functional webcam and a microphone- all of which are built into most laptops. Depending on your level of experience and expertise, web evaluators can earn up to $15 per test and $100-$200 per month. You are paid within a week or fortnight via PayPal.

6. English Tutor

Do you have a significant command of the English language? Well, you can turn this into a paying job. Native English speakers with an interest in other cultures and love staying online or over the phone, can take up this opportunity and earn from that. All you’ll need is to have a high-speed internet connection and a computer. If you happen to bilingual, that would be better.

Working from home career

Students in Korea, Japan, Germany, and France are looking for English tutors to practice speaking English with. They are mostly looking to learn how to hold a professional talk, etiquette language, and Basic English communication. Lessons are either live-streamed via Skype or over the phone. You’ll need to be a little bit flexible since you’ll be working with people in different time zones. Therefore, it’s quite demanding.

To apply for these jobs, you’ll need to be articulate and enthusiastic, and if you have a degree in English as a Second Language, that’s a plus. Check for English trainer jobs on sites like GoFluent  and iSpeakUSpeak.

7. Medical Transcriptionist

Most of the medical transcriptionists work from physician or hospital offices, but there are those who works from home as well or a location of their choice. Their task involves transcribing medical dictation that has been recorded. You’ll, therefore, need a desk, earpiece, and a computer and of course some knowledge in postsecondary medical transcript program.

The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) indicated that a medical transcriptionist earned an average age of $16.63 per hour. Although many of medical transcriptionist are freelance, many find jobs through their physician, local hospitals, or vocational school.

8. Filming How-To Videos

Are you a DIY person or have a hobby in doing something? Well, you can turn that hobby into a part-time job opportunity. For instance, if you are a beauty and fashion enthusiast, you can come up with tutorials on how to do some make ups or various DIY fashion projects. These can easily be turned into profits by signing up an account with YouTube and uploading your videos there.

You can take the videos using a digital camera or a smartphone to record a video of you demonstrating how to execute a specific task. If you are a tech survey, you can create more professional and slicker videos using software such as Movie Maker. YouTube will then place ads near or inside your video and the more click-through and video views you get, the more the money you’ll earn. The key to making your video stand out is to come up with an intriguing title and unique spin, especially if there are others similar videos on the subject.

Working from Home Careers Video

Once you shoot your video, visit YouTube and click “Upload.” Drag your video file and enroll in the partner program by clicking the YouTube settings which give permission to YouTube to incorporate ads into your video. Click on “Allow Advertisement” and then click on “View Additional Features.” Opt in on the YouTube monetization page. To get paid, you’ll need to earn a minimum amount set for withdrawal. If you fail to get the minimum amount set, the balance rolls over to the next month.

9. Online Reseller

You can earn good money by working from home as an online reseller whereby you earn by selling items online. You can reach out to people who are too busy to sell their stuff themselves and do the marketing job for them. You can start auctioning goods on eBay as you gain experience.

The earnings are determined by sellers as they set the price and value for their items. Some set a flat-rate fee, often $5 to $25 or take a percentage of total sales. Depending on your aggressiveness and volume of your business, reselling items on sites such as eBay can become a lucrative job.

If you are an active eBay seller with many reviews and high ratings, you can request to be registered on, a website directory of trading assistants. All you need to do is to establish your circle of customers, maybe friends, family members, and strangers.

10. Freelance writing

This is one of the most popular ways to earn real money online. Many successful freelance writers can earn a median wage of 50 cents to $1 per word. The pros earn twice that.

Of course, you don’t start from the top. You’ve got to build a portfolio and your reputation, as well as other crucial requirements such as ratings and reviews. For those who don’t like sweating for their money, this is not a road to take a ride in. It takes time and dedication, and you have to be patient. However, the patience and dedication will finally pay off, and you’ll love it.

Work Home Careers Freelance

Assuming that you are passionate about writing, let’s talk about how to monetize your hobby. Before reaching out to freelance writing companies, you’ll need to establish a web presence. You’ll either need to have a blog or an online portfolio such as LinkedIn. Once you have a portfolio where you can show your expertise and specific details about yourself, here are ten websites you can start with:

a) TopTenz

TopTen pays $50 for every post that is accepted. The article has to be at least 1,500 words and must be in a list format, with few exceptions. They publish posts often and therefore, your chances of getting accepted are fairly high

b) Listverse

Listverse pays $100 for every post that gets approved. The article must be in list format and must have at least 1,500 words. Also, you must include at least ten items. However, you can also come up with a creative way of formatting your article.

c) International Living

International living mostly targets tourists. They are looking for articles about the various destinations you have visited. They pay $75 for each post that gets approved. For this site, they target your experience more than your writing ability.

d) iWriter

iWriter pays up to $56 for every post accepted. They offer one an opportunity to pick exactly what you’d like to write. You can write as many articles as you want.

e) Textbroker

It pays up to 5 cents per word if you are a 5-star writer. To register, you’ll need to submit a sample article which will be rated by an editor. Mostly you’ll start at 3-star, but you can work your way up by writing creative and great content.

f) Matador Network

Matador Network pays a standard rate of around $20-$25. However, the pay can rise to $60 for each accepted post. They don’t have a minimum count, but they have a maximum word count of 1,500

Now that you are aware of the ideas you can turn into earning opportunities, here are the top websites that pay you for various things, such as taking surveys, testing products, or shopping. We did a research about these sites, and we are not in any way promoting them. Even if they won’t make you a millionaire, they are great avenues that you can earn extra cash.

Task-Oriented Work From Home Jobs:

Here are genuine websites that pay:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great site where you can do several things to make money: from using the search engine to taking surveys. You cannot make thousands of dollars, but you’ll earn a few extra bucks. You can spend your free time earning some cash, instead of surfing the web and social sites.

2. InboxDollar

On this site, you’re going to take surveys, do shopping and other activities. In fact, it’s quite similar to Swagbucks. If you want to maximize your returns, register with both sites.

Other survey sites you can check out are E-Poll Surveys, Survey Club, and GlobalTestMarket.

Work From Home Careers


This can work besides a blog or on its own. You get paid to tweet, take videos, take photos, or to blog. The pay depends on the number of your following. So for you to make money with your tweets, you have to command a substantial following. Likewise, if you want to make significant money with blogs, you’ll need to have substantial traffic to your blog

4. User Testing

This site pays up to $10 for testing websites. Tests usually take less than 20 minutes. The purpose is for a website developer to watch someone, who is new to their website, try to navigate through the various interfaces. The value the site owner gets by watching an actual visitor experience is worth more than that, but $10 isn’t a bad payout.

5. Fiverr

This is a great place where you can spend or earn a few bucks. Basically, everything on this site is flat-priced at $5. You either charge $5 or pay $5. They call this tasks “gigs.” You can offer your services on this site, and those who are interested will contact you.

If you want a higher offer, let’s say for $10/hour, you simply price your offer as a 30-minute gig.

6. Project PayDay

Project PayDay has many reviews and testimonials of people who have earned thousands of dollars by being paid to carry our free trials. We are not saying you’ll earn thousands, but it is a genuine site that pays its users. They assume that by paying you to try a product, you’ll either like it and purchase it, or forget to cancel the trial and get charged. If you want to make money, you’ll need to keep track of all the products you have tried and cancel the orders before they expire and you get charged. It can be a great site for making extra bucks.

There are so many opportunities you can utilize online; the above ones are just the major ones. If you spot an upcoming site that is legit where you can carry out simple tasks for a few bucks, just try it. However, due to the hype of online jobs and opportunities, many companies and websites have mushroomed, some of which are a scam and fake. So, how do you spot a fake or scam opportunity? Here are the red flags to warn you;

Here are the red flags to warn you of Online Scams:

1. Lack of contact information on the website

A legitimate company has a way for its users and visitors to reach them. Look for an “About Us” page where the details of the company and the CEO along with address, contact email, and phone number are listed. Call the numbers to see if anyone will pick up. A website with only one contact information is suspicious.

2. Membership Fee

Most genuine sites will not charge you anything to sign up with them except some that have already made a good reputation for themselves. Don’t be tempted by an offer that requires you to pay a fee to access it. Most of them are just meant to steal money from you without offering any substantial offer for your hard-earned money. If you aren’t sure why you are paying any fee, look elsewhere.

3. Many negative reviews online

Conduct a quick research of the website in question on the internet. Type the name of the website and “scam.” If people have been tricked, you’ll see their complaints all over. User reviews provide nearly all the information you need to know about a site.

4. The offer sounds too good to be true

An opportunity that promises you about making thousands of dollars a week while working from home is never a reality. Genuine offers are logical and not exaggerated.

We hope that this post has been of value to you and that you’ll implement one of the above ideas or try out the mentioned websites that offer work from home careers.

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